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Life as a junior tenant

So, you have had a tough year, you have battled through pupillage and secured a tenancy.  What can you expect as a junior tenant at Hardwicke?  Well, a lot of that depends on what area of law you are practising. There are, however, a few things that apply to all of our junior tenants.

  • How often will I be in court?

    This depends on the area of law you want to work in; you may be in court a lot! Barristers practising in areas such as landlord and tenant, housing, personal injury and employment law, are likely to spend most of their days in court, whereas the commercial barristers may only be in court once or twice a week. Either way, we ensure that all of our junior barristers are exposed to court regularly. Your development as an advocate doesn’t stop at the end of pupillage!

  • What kind of work will I be doing?

    Again, this will vary from area to area but as a good rule of thumb, you can expect to carry on doing the same sort of work you were doing as a practising pupil but expect the value and complexity of the cases to increase as you establish yourself. You may also have the opportunity to be led by senior members of chambers in big cases or to act as part of a counsel team.

  • What support will I have?

    Life as a junior tenant is hard but rewarding and at Hardwicke we want to support you through the transition to practice as best we can. We try to ensure that, at least for your first year or so, you will share a room with someone more senior, who can act as a sounding board or mentor or just a supportive room-mate when you have had a bad day. We also have an open-door policy and you will always be able to find a member of chambers to bounce ideas off (or even just drop in for a chat).

    We have also organised our staff function to give us the highest levels of administrative support and they will be able to help you settle into practice. Our Practice Management Team are committed to developing and supporting your practice and they will ensure that you are in the right place at the right time (and hopefully not too flustered in the process) and that you are always in control of your workload.

  • Will someone help me manage the financial side of my practice?

    We understand that cash-flow and finances can be tight when you first start out. For that reason, we have a dedicated fees collection team and a guaranteed earnings loan scheme for junior tenants (you can find more details about this under "What we are offering" on our Pupillage page). We also give junior tenants an introductory rent-free period.

  • Will there be any further formal training?

    Hardwicke provides for your yearly CPD requirements. We run a series of internal and external seminars across a range of topics (you might be giving some of these yourself) and you will never be wanting for that last hour of CPD at the end of the year.

  • Is there a sense of community at Hardwicke?

    The last (and possibly most important) part of life as a junior tenant with us is the fact that you are made welcome and part of the team from the start. We are a very social set and, in addition to impromptu drinks after work, we have a busy social calendar including ping pong and pizza evenings, quizzes, parties and the yearly chambers ski trip. Life at the bar isn’t just about work.