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Processing and Filtering Electronic Documents

In this seminar, Michael Wheater will review the law relating to the processing of data, demystify the jargon and discuss the various methods of reducing the data including keyword and other types of search; date ranges, and custodians.

Claims against Insurance Brokers

Tom Bell and Martyn Griffiths will review the principles and recent authorities concerning professional negligence claims against insurance brokers.

"Persuasion" Applications and Evidence for Defendents and Insurers

This is a course aimed quite specifically at Defendent litigators. It is designed to ensure that the applications made, and the evidence in support, are both persuasive and cost-effective. The course is aimed at the preparation for (rather than the conduct of) the application.

Commercial and Construction Law Masterclass, Dubai

A half day programme of seminars featuring world leading experts in commercial, contractual and construction law. Learn to manage and understand risk, resolve disputes and ensure you and your clients have full awareness of the latest developments in the Gulf region.

Hardwicke Adjudication Day 2018

This day-long seminar provides an opportunity to hear from some of the country’s leading construction barristers on all the latest developments and hot topics in Adjudication. Not sure about whether to take a jurisdictional point? Confused by the recent spate of decisions on the payment process? Worried about contractor insolvency? Join the Hardwicke team to explore these and other issues. Suitable for all levels of expertise, from the Adjudication novice to the hardened veteran; whether contractor, developer, lawyer or adjudicator.

Preservation & Collection of Electronic Documents

The foundation of any successful e-disclosure exercise is the ability to identify, locate and collect data in a cost-effective and appropriate way. In this seminar, Michael Wheater and Wayne Micklethwaite will review the law revolving around the identification and collection of data and also examine the practicalities and challenges of collecting data in the modern environment.