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Archived Events

These events are from our archive.

Non-Patentable IP

Dr Robert Whittock gave a presentation at the RSC Law Group Conference on 18 June 2018.

Insolvency for Property Lawyers

A timely reminder of some of the insolvency issues which affect property transactions. This hour long free seminar will ensure you are not caught out and remind you of common pitfalls.

Processing and Filtering Electronic Documents

In this seminar, Michael Wheater will review the law relating to the processing of data, demystify the jargon and discuss the various methods of reducing the data including keyword and other types of search; date ranges, and custodians.

Claims against Insurance Brokers

Tom Bell and Martyn Griffiths will review the principles and recent authorities concerning professional negligence claims against insurance brokers.

"Persuasion" Applications and Evidence for Defendents and Insurers

This is a course aimed quite specifically at Defendent litigators. It is designed to ensure that the applications made, and the evidence in support, are both persuasive and cost-effective. The course is aimed at the preparation for (rather than the conduct of) the application.