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Property Compensation for HS2 - Where are we now?

Earlier this month HS2 Ltd released their latest statistics (up to 01.03.14) for claims under the Exceptional Hardship Scheme. To date, the government has spent some £65m purchasing land under the scheme, which has been in place since August 2010 for Phase I and July 2013 for Phase II:

  Applications 1 Success Rate 2 Purchases completed Cost of land purchased
Phase I 532 29% 106 £62.91m
Phase II 87 48% 3 £2.77m
  1. This includes re-applications in respect of the same property
  2. This excludes withdrawn applications and those pending a decision

Clearly, the cost is set to increase with many transactions yet to complete (only 75% and 10% having completed thus far for Phase I and II, respectively).

Although the safeguarding zone for Phase I was announced in July 2013 (and updated in October 2013), as yet no statistics have been published for statutory blight claims under ss.149-171 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Nor are there are any reported decisions on the Lands Tribunal database.

We await with interest the results of the consultation in respect of the discretionary compensation scheme…