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Medical Malpractice

Our members have extensive medical malpractice experience both in the UK and internationally. 

We have experience of dealing with malpractice allegations, not only those which relate to registered medical practitioners but also those in relation to the growing range of medical and complementary medicine professions who are in independent practice or who are corporate health providers. The range of professionals we deal with is wide, encompassing alleged malpractice by fitness trainers though to specialist Harley Street consultants and their brokers and insurers.

We are experienced in advising on policy coverage and in handling issues relating to material non-disclosure and notification to insurers and re insurers. As well as the more routine malpractice issues such as misdiagnosis, mishandled medical trials and claims handling, incorrect treatment, negligent treatment causing new problems and failure to recognise and deal with cancer and other common problems, we have handled and advised on the less usual such as inappropriate sex change and inadequate male ‘enhancement’ surgery and their related insurance issues.

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