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Public authorities are subject to public sector equality duties, such as the race equality duty, the disability duty and the gender equality duty. These duties require public authorities to have “due regard” in the exercise of their functions to the need to eliminate unlawful direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment, whether on grounds of race, disability or gender, and to promote equality of opportunity. We can advise and assist in these areas, as well as providing representation in the event of public law challenges.

Public bodies are also subject to statutory guidance in the related Codes of Practice, as well as non-statutory guidance. Specific guidance is also provided in the following sectors: Healthcare, education, local government.

These duties come into play across a very broad range of public sector activities and services, such as planning, housing, social care, schools and colleges, and healthcare organisations.

Our Employment team can also advise and assist on issues of discrimination, harassment and victimisation arising in employment.

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