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A large part of the Team’s practice revolves around adjudication business in the TCC, with its practitioners regularly instructed in the full array of construction matters now dealt with in the adjudication context.

Notable work in this area includes adjudications concerning a major oil leak at a hospital facility, the construction of the National Assembly for Wales, works to HS1, a multi-million-pound delay and disruption final account matter arising out of infrastructure works at Canary Wharf, a high value claim against structural engineers in relation to a major care home project, a consulting engineering dispute over the design and construction of a landmark site on the outskirts of London, and numerous payment dispute adjudications.

Equally, and in recognition of the Team’s expertise in this area, its practitioners are regularly engaged as adjudicators in their own right.

Hardwicke has earned a reputation as a commercial and forward thinking set that understands the financial demands of construction litigation. As such, its market leading Fixed Fee Adjudication Scheme provides a one-stop-shop for contractors, employers and other members of the construction industry who require a tailored adjudication service from commencement to enforcement.

Given the fast moving nature of this area of law, the Hardwicke Construction Team regularly provides adjudication day seminars to pool experience and keep abreast of recent developments in the adjudication context.

For any enquiries or assistance in relation to the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated Practice Management Team (Richard Sumarno and Paul Nuttall) on +44 20 7242 2523 or e-mail practicemanagementteam@hardwicke.co.uk.