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Environmental Initiatives

We recognise that businesses have a responsibility to the environment and are striving to use resources responsibly and recycle wherever possible.

The refurbishment of our building gave us an opportunity to modernise our recycling facilities and be more energy efficient. We now have motion sensors that control our lights, automatically turning them off when there is no movement.

To follow a structured approach in our environmental initiatives, we established a dedicated Green Team in July 2011. The team ensures that all paper, card, plastics, aluminium, batteries, computer parts and CDs are fully recycled. Folders are re-used and we make every effort to limit the amount of paper that is printed on.

Staff and members alike are encouraged to turn off lights and computers. The team are responsible for ensuring that all this happens smoothly; holding monthly meetings and attending independent recycling seminars so that Hardwicke can be as Green as possible.

If you have any queries, please contact Allison Longley.