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MIPIM 2018

A team of Hardwicke barristers and staff will be at MIPIM in Cannes from 13-16 March 2018.

Do get in touch if you or some of your colleagues will be there too and would like to meet up.

Hardwicke MIPIM Team 2018


Amanda Illing, Chief Executive*                           Deborah Anderson, Practice Director


James Duncan-Hartill, Senior Practice Manager

*Join Amanda Illing, CEO from Hardwicke and Jacqueline Rook, CEO from Brecher for a spot of early morning bracing beach hula hooping at MIPIM.

The following experts from our Property/Real Estate, Commercial, Insurance, Professional Negligence and Construction Teams will be attending.



Nigel Jones QC                                                       Brie Stevens-Hoare QC   

nigel.jonesqc@hardwicke.co.uk                              brie@hardwicke.co.uk     


John de Waal QC                                                    PJ Kirby QC 

john.dewaalqc@hardwicke.co.uk                            pj.kirby@hardwicke.co.uk       



Amanda Eilledge                                                  Sarah McCann 

amanda.eilledge@hardwicke.co.uk                     sarah.mccann@hardwicke.co.uk 


Simon Allison                                                        Carl Brewin   

simon.allison@hardwicke.co.uk                           carl.brewin@hardwicke.co.uk   


Laura Tweedy                                                       Helena White   

laura.tweedy@hardwicke.co.uk                            helena.white@hardwicke.co.uk     


Catherine Piercy                                                   Emily Betts     

catherine.piercy@hardwicke.co.uk                      emily.betts@hardwicke.co.uk   


Rupert Cohen                                                       Katrina Hanstock

rupert.cohen@hardwicke.co.uk                            katrina.hanstock@hardwicke.co.uk