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Hardwicke Building profile in The Lawyer

The Bar Profile in the 29 January 2007 issue of The Lawyer features a review of recent development at Hardwicke Building. The profile focuses on the burgeoning growth of Hardwicke Building since 2004 since when it has matched or out-perfomed other leading sets. CEO, Ann Buxton, points to an increase in billing turnover of over 17% for the last year and says that the demerger "paid off hansomely" while Head of Chambers, Nigel Jones QC, ascribes this success  to the 5 year business plan developed in 2004.

The plan is based around the idea of inter-practice synergy stimulated in part by tapping the experience of clients to continually re-evaluate and develop offered services. The addition of an IP practice in 2006 was a direct consequence of this analysis, the success of the team subsequently demonstrating the strength of the management approach.

Hardwicke Building is a completely client driven set developing in response to client demand. The aim, says Nigel Jones, is to get into The Lawyer top 20 within 5 years