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Arbitration involves the parties to a dispute by a private agreement appointing an arbitrator to determine that dispute. Such arrangements may be created before the dispute has arisen, for example by the terms of a lease or other commercial agreement. Alternatively, a reference to arbitration may be agreed in response to a dispute.

Effective representation of a client involved in arbitration requires all the skills used in litigation together with a proper understanding of the law and practice surrounding arbitration, arbitrators and their powers.

Arbitration is one of our core areas of expertise and you can read more about it on our Arbitration expertise page.


Three of Hardwicke’s senior barristers are qualified arbitrators available by appointment to determine disputes within their particular area of expertise.

Our barristers have a wealth of experience in international arbitration - you can find examples of their work on our International pages.

Advocates in Arbitration

Many Hardwicke barristers specialising in aspects of commercial, insurance and property work have the skills and knowledge needed to act as an advocate in arbitration.

Hardwicke’s commitment to and experience in broader ADR also means that our practitioners are familiar with the developing forms of ADR such as ArbMed, which combines arbitration and mediation in an attempt to reach a binding settlement.

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